About Us

The BARKBUSTERS® brand of handguards was first manufactured in Australia in 1984. Our enthusiasm for riding motorcycles has helped develop the finest handguards available on the market today. BARKBUSTERS® is a registered trademark of Rideworx Pty Ltd and is actively promoted worldwide.

The dedicated team of MOTO and MTB enthusiasts at BARKBUSTERS® are committed to a vision of ongoing development and innovation of new products and continue to manufacture to the highest possible standards. BARKBUSTERS® superior design and quality are world renowned. After years of requests from the mountain bike and downhill community, asking for handguards for the MTB market, the BARKBUSTERS® research and development team have designed a sleek, lightweight and durable guard.

With ease of fit and side adjustment, the new BARKBUSTERS® MTB handguard will fit most Mountain, E-Bike, Downhill, Enduro and Leisure bikes. In the design of all BARKBUSTERS® products, Rideworx is committed to incorporating style, strength, durability and ease of fit.

BARKBUSTERS® – Leading the world in hand and lever protection.