What fits my bike?


Josh Carlson has been testing the new Barkbusters MTB handguards.  Here’s what he had to say…

“I am super impressed with how effective the Barkbusters MTB Handguard is out on the trail. Its ability to protect my knuckles from shrubs and branches as well as deflect off trees when I get a little too close, makes one less thing I have to think or worry about when out riding. The added stiffness of the MTB guard gives me loads of confidence when charging down a trail or fire road.

Riding E bikes around the mountain has now been at a much higher speed and on a lot more trails than I would usually ride.  Exploring old or new trails in the scrub is more enjoyable now that my hands and knuckles are protected by Barkbusters MTB handguards. Whether its riding my E-bike, my regular bike or my motocross bike, I choose to run the Barkbusters handguards on all of my bikes all the time.”

Josh Carlson                                                                          

Racer for the Giant Factory Off Road Team

2020 Australian E-Bike Cross Country & Enduro Mountain Bike Champion